What is this technology and its importance

The importance of Android application development for businesses of today cannot be emphasized on enough. Creating an Android App, just for the sake of it, or just because it is the current trend is waste of time, money and efforts. When you decide to go mobile with Android apps development for your business, also understand how you can put that app to good use and generate revenue for your business either directly or indirectly by helping you improve some of your business processes. Here are some pointers. You can then select which Android Business model is right for your business. Ensure you understand thoroughly what you are expecting your mobile app to do, and what it should accomplish for your business. As Android provides an interesting revenue model, a lot of organizations have a dedicated team for application development with hiring catching pace. The unique advantage of learning app development is that learners can choose to work or freelance. Similarly, once that person masters developing apps through Android it becomes easy to develop apps for other operating systems!


Top skills you will learn

Database And Development Fundamentals: SQL,SQL commands, Linux commands ,basics of programming
JAVA :Fundamentals and essentials ,strong knowledge in core java
Android :Architecture, Activity, Activity lifecycle, Android components , UI, Designing, Views and Layouts, Intent and Intent Filters, Broadcast Receivers, Adapters, Content Providers, Services, Data Storage(Internal And External),Writing android Application, Debugging and Running , apk creation and deployment.

Duration : 3 Months

What you can become?

Mobile application developer

Who is this programme for?

Graduate students, Engineers, Software and IT proffesionals and managers

Minimum eligibility

any degree. no coding experience required.

Salary you can earn

2 lakh to 25 lakh

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