What is this technology and its importance

When we consider data generation ten years ago as we knew the amount of data generated was very low.but now it is thousand times more than previous.so size of the data is too huge now and its complexity also.the main reason behind this immensive growth is introduction of smart devices, high speed internet generation,stock exchange, etc. So Big data means large complex collection of data. To store and process this data we need to have a tool. Hadoop and spark are the latest tool for handling bigdata. as we know data generation rate is never going to down in future. The volume of the data will be bigger and bigger and its complexity also getting tougher.now we are not dealing with the structured text data. but it is complex unstructured data like video images mp3files etc. so the importance of a strong tool to store and process this bigdata is huge. the tools are Hadoop and spark. Learning this technology will push your career in a top level.


Top skills you will learn

Database And Development Fundamentals: SQL,SQL commands, Linux commands ,basics of programming, Java basics and fundamentals.
Bigdata: what is Bigdata, challenges of Bigdata Introduction To Hadoop, Architecture Of Hadoop, Hadoop Daemons, Hadoop echo system Hadoop installation, running MapReduce program
Hadoop Tools: Hive, Pig, HBase, Flume, Sqoop, Ambari Running Hadoop in AWS.
SCALA: Scala basics and fundamentals, Scala programming. SCALA-SPARK: Introduction to Spark, Spark basics, spark installation, Spark RDDs, Spark application deployment, Spark-SQL ,Spark-Data Frames, Spark-Streaming, Spark Application running.

Duration : 4 Months

What you can become?

Hadoop/Big data developer,Hadoop administrator, Big data engineer, Big data architect, Big data consultant, Data engineer, Hadoop tester, Hadoop analyst, Big data-spark software specialist, Big data-spark developer.

Who is this programme for?

Graduate students, Engineers, Software and IT proffesionals and managers

Minimum eligibility

Any degree. no coding experience required.

Salary you can earn

4 lakh to 25 lakh

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