What is this technology and its importance

Block chain is actually a decentralized data base conept.Blockchain was created along with Bitcoin to give power back to the people. But Bitcoin is not blockchain. Bitcoin is built on top of blockchain technology, and so are other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Technology is the most promising technology of the 21st century. Many have compared the blockchain technology’s potential significance to that of the internet. All the records that are stored within the blockchain, isn’t saved inside one centralized storage unit. There are multiple computers running within the network who own a copy of all the data in the blockchain. This is why, whenever anything is updated in the blockchain, all the nodes in the network get notified of this at once.


Top skills you will learn

Database And Development Fundamentals: SQL,SQL commands, Linux commands ,basics of programming, Java basics and fundamentals. What is Blockchain, concepts, Blockchain Prerequisites, Cryptography and types of Cryptography, Digital Signature, Nodes in Blockchain, Hashing Blockchain, Blockchain technology, Types of blockchain, Proof Of Work(POW) in Blockchain, What is Ethereum, Smart contract Ethereum, Ledger and Hyperledger, Solidity, Writing smart contract

Duration : 4 Months

What you can become?

Block chain generalist, smart contract developer, Block chain developer

Who is this programme for?

Graduate students, Engineers, Software and IT proffesionals and managers

Minimum eligibility

any degree. no coding experience required.

Salary you can earn

6 lakh to 30 lakh

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