What is this technology and its importance

MEAN is a user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework ideal for building dynamic websites and applications. It is a free and open-source stack designed to supply developers with a quick and organized method for creating rapid prototypes of MEAN-based web applications. One of the main benefits of the MEAN stack is that a single language, JavaScript, runs on every level of the application, making it an efficient and modern approach to web development. It’s hard to accomplish much on the web without JavaScript, which is the single language that runs the entire MEAN full stack and boasts one of the most active developer communities. Because every part of MEAN programming is written in one language, it allows unique server-side and client-side execution environments. Valued for its versatility in building fast, robust and maintainable production web applications, MEAN is in high demand with numerous startups and employers.


Top skills you will learn

Database And Development Fundamentals: SQL,SQL commands, Linux commands ,basics of programming, Java basics and fundamentals. Mongo DB: Basics and fundamentals. WEB: HTML ,CSS, JavaScript, sass, bootstrap, web concepts.
NodeJS: Buffer, callback ,Events, client/server, web server, DNS.
Frameworks: Express, Loopback, Swagger.

Duration : 4 Months

What you can become?

Meanstack developer, web application developer and mobile application developer

Who is this programme for?

Graduate students, Engineers, Software and IT proffesionals and managers

Minimum eligibility

any degree. no coding experience required.

Salary you can earn

4 lakh to 30 lakh

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