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The first choice for most mobile developers is Android app development, as it is the most commonly used OS for mobiles today. IPIX Academy is the best training institute in Calicut for Android app development. Mere knowledge of theory will not suffice. You have to have actual experience with development before you can land a plum job.

If you're still unsure of what you can do, just understand that on completion of Android training you will possess a deep knowledge of Android and be able to develop an application all by yourself. Android is the fastest growing mobile market in the world; though it has a solid presence globally, it is especially popular in Asia.

Android training at IPIX will give you a comprehensive understanding of what it is to work in an IT company. You will be equipped with the crucial skills for app development and will be easily able to find employment at corporate establishments. You can choose between being a software engineer, software developer, or a mobile app developer.

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