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In today's job market, big data is hot - and so are data engineers, the professionals who have the knowledge and skills to tame it. Organizations have a growing need for specialists who know how to design and build platforms that can handle the gigantic amount of data available today.

In this course certificate program, we'll explore distributed computing and the practical tools used to store and process data before it can be analyzed. You'll work with typical data stacks and gain experience with the kinds of data flow situations commonly used to inform key business decisions. Complete this program and engineer your career in the world of big data technologies.

The increase in big data interest and management of data in organizations such as processing, storing and removing from data of all types and sizes has increased the number of big data certifications. It has led to the need to identify the right skills to manage bulk data sets. Big data certifications involve IT professionals that have background knowledge of analytics, data management, mathematics and statistics, business intellect and other related areas.

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