Block chain and Big Data: the match made in heavens. Big Data has been around for a while and block chain technology currently rides the hype wave. The block chain is a decentralized ledger of transactions, where every network participant validates the transaction so that the data stored is immutable and cannot be forged.

Block chain technology has a great future worldwide. An incredible scope of Block chain technology has been observed in the financial field. The financial organizations were not able to sufficiently handle the heavy workload after demonetization and thus brought out the problems of having a centralized specialist for handling the financial transactions.

Block chain Technology is one of the most consistent technologies when it requires to keep track of financial properties. Block chain technology has attracted many companies who want to add the distinct features of it to their security structures. Many studies have been carried out for digital currencies and block chain technology, which represents that both of these technologies will be continuing to disrupt the world.