Python is known as a scripting language because it is an interpreted language and because it is easy to write scripts in it. An interpreted language is a language whose programs don't have to be compiled before they can be run.

Python is a very powerful, yet learn-to-your-level kind of programming language. You can use it as scripting language or use it as object-oriented programming language. But Python can also be used to write complex software that is not changed often. It is a true all-purpose language.

Python is in fact comparatively very easy to learn and build rapport with than other languages, but achieving expertise in it not a game. Python is actually known for being easy to code and fun. I have prepared some steps which you can follow to learn Python easily and effectively.

A simple language which is easier to learn
Free and open-source
Extensible and Embeddable
A high-level, interpreted language
Large standard libraries to solve common tasks
You can create scalable Web Apps using frameworks and CMS (Content Management System) that are built on Python. Some of the popular platforms for creating Web Apps are: Django, Flask, Pyramid, Plone, Django CMS. Sites like Mozilla, Reddit, Instagram and PBS are written in Python.
Scientific and Numeric Computing
There are numerous libraries available in Python for scientific and numeric computing. There are libraries like: SciPy and NumPy that are used in general purpose computing. And, there are specific libraries like: EarthPy for earth science, AstroPy for Astronomy and so on. Also, the language is heavily used in machine learning, data mining and deep learning.
Creating software Prototypes
Python is slow compared to compiled languages like C++ and Java. It might not be a good choice if resources are limited and efficiency is a must. However, Python is a great language for creating prototypes. For example: You can use Pygame (library for creating games) to create your game's prototype first. If you like the prototype, you can use language like C++ to create the actual game.
Good Language to Teach Programming
Python is used by many companies to teach programming to kids and newbies. It is a good language with a lot of features and capabilities. Yet, it's one of the easiest language to learn because of its simple easy-to-use syntax.