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The Android operating system is the world's most popular mobile platform. The proliferation of smartphones and the popularity of the Android platform have meant that there is a huge requirement for developers who can develop apps on Android OS. With over 1 billion Android devices already activated, this represents a great opportunity for developers.

Android is an open source operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface for mobile devices, touted as an innovative and open platform. Android is being positioned to address the growing needs of the mobile marketplace & user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions.

We are providing Android training which helps a students to tackle the real business world. We are emphasizing on empowering students in visualizing, building, programming and publishing an android application. By taking into consideration of changing face IT sector and in order to fulfill the gap between increasing corresponding demand and availability of Android developer, IT preneur has designed a complete app development course.

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