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Our software training institute in Thiruvalla is at the epicenter of technological education in the region. Here, we don't just teach software; we inspire innovation and foster real-world skills that empower you to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

What Sets Our Software Training Institute In Thiruvalla Apart?

Techolas Technologies helps students learn in-demand IT skills and secure high-paying jobs at respected IT companies. We go above and beyond to help our students obtain the skills they need to get a job in their chosen field and to succeed.

Our software training institute in Thiruvalla combines the technical skills and training needed to perform well in the IT industry with the soft skills needed to obtain a job and interact with industry professionals.

100% Placement Assistance

Our software training institute in Thiruvalla partners with over 100 organizations to train IT professionals who can become future employees. Our 20-hour pre-placement program includes professional CV making, interview preparation, soft skill training, mock interview sessions, mock tests, and more, so students can easily obtain employment.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum & Projects

Each project and task use the latest technologies and frameworks to prepare students for their future career. The labs and workshops at our software training institute in Thiruvalla are equipped with the latest technology, enabling you to apply your learning in the classroom in real-world scenarios that you will face while on the job.

Hands-On Learning Experience

We believe in a practical approach to learning. Our software training institute in Thiruvalla has courses that feature 50+ hours of live project experience. Each student receives hands-on training for their chosen field of work, preparing them for the exact roles they will be interviewing for and performing.

Expert Instructors

Our faculty comprises industry veterans and subject matter experts who bring their real-world experience to the classroom. Their insights and mentorship will be an invaluable asset in your learning journey at our software training institute in Thiruvalla.

Convenient Location

Our software training institute in Thiruvalla is conveniently located for students, allowing them to receive a world-class education. The recent growth in the IT sector coupled with new infrastructure initiatives from the government has made Thiruvalla one of the technological hotspots of Kerala and in all of India.

Partnership With 100+ Companies

Techolas Technolgies partners with over 100 organizations to train IT professionals who will become future employees. Some of the partners of our software training institute in Thiruvalla include Freston Analytics, UST Global, Freshworks, Kerala India Technopark, Ibssoftware, Gritstone Technologies, HCL, UL Cyber Park, Wipro, and more!

NACTET Affiliation With 20+ Country Attestation

When you complete a program of study or course at our software training institute in Thiruvalla, you receive verification of your achievement. After the completion of your course under our trainers, you will be provided with a NACTET Certification, a certificate of program completion, and a Techolas Technologies internship certificate.

Our Technology Stack

Our software training institute in Thiruvalla is focused on providing training in the most sought-after tech skills. Whether you're new to the IT industry or have been part of it for some time, our courses are designed to elevate your career prospects, either at your current workplace or at a new organization. Equip yourself for the future by mastering these forward-looking and highly in-demand skills.

Node Js
Express Js
Mongo DB

Courses We Offer

Techolas Technologies has become the leading software training institute in Thiruvalla because of our reputation for helping students achieve job placement and our in-demand course offerings.
All our course offerings are for in-demand roles for businesses. Our students learn the skills they need to land a high-paying career in some of the top growing IT fields.
At our software training institute in Thiruvalla, our courses are meticulously designed to align with current industry standards, ensuring you gain the knowledge that's most relevant and in-demand. From programming languages like Python and Java to the latest in web development, AI, and machine learning, our curriculum covers it all.
Our software training institute in Thiruvalla provides a wide variety of IT courses, including:

Masters in Data Science

This program covers advanced data science techniques, including machine learning and big data, using tools like Python and R.

Data Analytics

Learn to analyze data sets and derive insights, using statistical methods, data visualization, and tools like Python, R, and SQL.

Business Analytics

This course teaches students to use data for strategic decision-making, covering predictive modeling and data visualization.

Big Data Technology

This course covers topics on data analytics, data mining, machine learning, cloud computing, and introduces various big data tools.

Masters in Digital Marketing

Gain in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, marketing strategy, and analytics.

Masters in Angular

Learn Angular's core concepts, such as components, directives, services, modules, forms, routing, state management, and building scalable apps.

Python Full-Stack Development

Participants learn to build web applications, covering development using Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks.

Software Testing

This course covers the fundamentals of software quality assurance, including methodologies and tools to test software applications.

MERN-Stack Development

Focusing on the MERN technology stack, learn to build scalable web applications using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

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