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Data Analytics Courses in Kochi and Kozhikode

The Data Analyst courses in Kochi offered by Techolas Technologies are the foundation for your awareness of data analysis. The IT training offered by our experts is also one of the best data analytics courses in Kozhikode that will support organizational innovation by assisting you in integrating and managing data analytics into decisions and procedures.

Choosing the right Technology will ensure a secure and futuristic career. IT does not demanding coding passion always, here you have choices and we could help you to get the awareness.

200 Hours on-demand training

50 hours projects

2 projects (Industrial projects)

20 hours pre-placement program

Certificate of completion


Our Certifications

After the completion of your course under our trainers, you will be provided with a total of three certifications which includes- NACTET which has affiliation over 100 and more countries, a certificate of completion and an internship certificate.

Data Analytics Internship Certification Courses in Kochi and Calicut
Data Analytics Course Completion Certification in Kochi and Kozhikode
Data Analytics Training NACTET Certification Courses in Calicut and Kochi
Data Analytics

Before coming to a conclusion, one may analyse raw data and study them deeply. Such a process is known as data analytics. With them, businesses could uncover patterns to extract valuable insights. Therefore, when you had learned them, you could make an effective marketing strategy for a business, streamline operations, make more informed decisions, and enhance customer experience and so on. Nevertheless, for human consumption, raw data will be working as per algorithms. Techniques of data analytics will be automated into mechanical processes. Anyhow, its major motive is to better the overall efficiency of a system or business. Data Analytics is actually executed through several software tools such as data visualisation, data mining programs, spreadsheets, reporting tools and open source languages.

Data analytics mainly works on predominantly four main approaches, namely, Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics and Prescriptive analytics. These approaches are nothing else but checking into the matter and finding what has happened, its reason, what was going to happen and finally the solution to that issue, if any. For this, data analysts are seen interacting with raw programming languages such as Python to transform and manipulate the database. On the other hand, graphical modelling and statistical analysis could be done by tools for data analytics such as R.

Various diverse sectors had made use of Data Analytics such as the hospitality industry, retail industry and travel industry. What is common in all three of these sectors is that they will be obliged to gather large chunks of data and analyse them and fix any of its issues, by making a quick decision.

What you will get to learn in this Data Analytics course?

Apart from the interpersonal and technical skills that you already possess, you will be getting to learn about Qualitative and Quantitative data, statistical parameters, basics of Python, Central tendency and dispersion, sampling distributions, Machine learning, Tableau and various other things.

Who could join this Data Analytics course?

Since this course has got to do many things with data and accuracy, it would be best if they are being taken up by Computer Science, Statistics or Mathematics Graduates. Even otherwise, any graduates who have got interested to learn them may enrol for this Data Analytics course.

What are the job prospects available to you after completion of this course?

Like every other IT professional, the ones after you undertake this course, that you enrol in the No.1 Data Analytics Training Center will pay you outstanding salaries. The most popular job positions are Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Operation Analyst, Data Analytics Consultant, Project Manager, Marketing Analyst and IT System Analyst. To be successful in these job prospects, you should master various technical skills.

What salary may you expect after securing these positions?

Even though it may differ in accordance with the place of your job location, the sort of job you are acquiring and the company that you are being hired, on average, you could earn around Rs. 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum in the country. Overseas, it could be even higher. However, for that, you need to possess the right technical skills and master them to outdo other Data Analysts.

Why Techolas is the best place to learn them?

Besides, providing you with the certifications of this trendy course, we will be ensuring that you are placed in any of those top MNCs who pay their Data Analyst with big remuneration. The syllabus of the course is curated in such a way that a beginner who does not have much knowledge in the area is mastering the subject within no time.

Module 1 : Introduction to Data Analytics

Data Analytics: Importance

What is Data and different types of data

Data levels of measurement

Types of Analytics

Terminologies in data Analytics --> --> --> --> --> -->

Module 2 : PYTHON

Introduction to python


Variables in python

Data types

Data structure


User input

Decision making statements

Conditional loops

Loop control statements


Anonymous Functions

Object oriented programming

Class and Object

Inheritance, Encapsulation &Polymorphism


Exception Handling

File Handling

Module 3 : MYSQL



SQL Commands



Basics of SSMS


Data types

Measures of central tendency

Measures of Dispersion

Skewness and Kurtosis

Box plot and Scatter plot

Random variables


Different types of data distribution

Sampling techniques

Central limit theorem

Confidence Interval

Hypothesis Testing

Correlation Analysis