Software Testing

Software Testing Course in Kochi

Software testing course in Kochi and Calicut from Techolas Technologies creates developers with the extreme skill of coding and testing software for impeccable products and customer satisfaction. Anyone who aspires to acquire a high-paying job in the IT field can opt for our software testing course.

Choosing the right Technology will ensure a secure and futuristic career. IT does not demanding coding passion always, here you have choices and we could help you to get the awareness.

100 Hours on-demand training

50 hours projects

2 projects (Industrial projects)

20 hours pre-placement program

Certificate of completion


Our Certifications

After the completion of your course under our trainers, you will be provided with a total of three certifications which includes- NACTET which has affiliation over 100 and more countries, a certificate of completion and an internship certificate.

Software Testing Internship Certificate
Software Testing Internship Completion Certificate
Software Testing NACTET Certificate
Software Testing

Software needs to be checked before they are being provided to the clients, especially it's quality. It can be done by checking against the client's requirement, besides giving the gaps to the software developer of the deliverable to rectify them. Quality checking is usually done as per client business requirements. In addition to that, the further performance of the application is also taken into consideration when doing quality checking. Anyhow, at the end of the day, customers should be offered the best and most defect-free quality product with the help of the testing process. If the software developers have got knowledge about its testing, they could implement better development.

Yet another positive effect of this Software testing is that it would recover the cost of quality, by diminishing the rework cost in certain effective ways such as internal audits and reviews. Therefore, in this process, there would be testing of a finished product, reviews and unit testing and white box testing. If you happen to be a developer, you could find out any sort of errors before the testing of codes and they are resolved. For that, it is crucial that you should know about software testing.

Application Programs, system software and programmer software are some of the areas that are enlisted in this course. Henceforth, to serve a large commercial need, these software specialists would be in great demand and they will be hired in huge numbers by large companies. Anyhow, these programmers would be required to work in many varied fields, as the significance of data software is increasing. It would certainly be IT, data analytics, telecoms and banks.

What are the skills you will gain from the curriculum?

When you are learning this course you will get expertise in various things, such as getting to know about the standard practices followed in different industries and later you will be acquainted with significant software testing tools and techniques that are usually used in the industry. In addition to that, it will be ensured that you are acquiring a hands-on experience in those diverse software testing tools.

What job prospects are there for you to choose from after the course?

These IT jobs are associated with developing, designing, managing, deploying and testing software. So, when talking about the job positions that you could fill in, once you complete this course are Software Architect, mobile app developer, cloud developer, full-stack developer, front-end developer and several others. Furthermore, as per your interest, you could change your career to any managerial one such as Project Manager.

Who should enrol for this course?

If you had studied Computer Science for your graduation as a major or as a complimentary, you may readily choose to study this course. It could be an MCA, B Tech, BSc or BCA. When you had enrolled on this course, you will be receiving certifications at the end of this course study.

How much salary you could earn once getting to the job?

These are one of those highly paid jobs that you could take up after your course in Software Testing Training Institutes. Since these jobs are in great demand in most of the MNCs, you will be paid large salaries. On average, you will be paid around Rs. 2 lakh to 8 lakh per annum, which was found out through various surveys.

Why do you need to choose Techolas to learn them?

Techolas would prove to be one of the best names that you could trust to learn Software testing, as we had employed the best faculties in the institute. They educate about the course right from the basics, so that a beginner too can understand what is being taught. On top of that, the syllabus of the curriculum is designed in such a way that, you would become an expert in the craft.

Module 1

Manual Testing

Mobile Testing

What Selenium is and how it is Used in the Industry

Features of Selenium

WebDriver Architecture

Locating Elements through CSS and XPath

Handling Various Web Elements

Working with External elements


Auto IT

Testing with Selenium using Testing

Working with Attributes of @Test

Assertion APIs to Evaluate Tests

Reports Using TestNG

Selenium with Jenkins

Selenium Grid

BDD Basics

Gherkin Language

Step Definition


Cucumber Integration with Extent Report

Cucumber CI with Jenkins

Apache Maven

SQL workshop

JMeter -Performance Testing

API Testing